Display Cabinet

After Christmas, I realised that although we had successfully seated 17 for lunch, I still struggled for storage space for glasses and other dinnerware and I would like to keep everything accessible, as I do love to host Sunday lunch at home and clearly we have a large family close by! So I started my next secondhand search, I always know that although I may have a vague idea of what I’m looking for, when I see it, I’ll know that’s what I had in mind 😂 It just seems to come to me?

I love Welsh dressers, but Muddy Manor would never suit one, I wanted something with glass doors and lighting, so I could bring some harmonic light to that side of the room and also less dust on the glassware!

I finally found this second hand gem on ebay, Sadly I got out bid, then I received an email about a week later from the seller saying he had been let down and mine was the next bid down at the super price of £10!! what a bargain, Beresford and Hicks Dresser! Quality and originally super expensive, retailing around £2500 in the 80’s!

I turned to good old Rustoleum Chalk paint again, this time I used “Ink Blue”, I didnt paint inside the window frames, as I wanted to keep the beautiful wood interiors on show, then finished in dark wax to get that french blue Colour!  I also painted the back of the glass cupboards with Rustoleum gold furniture paint! And then made to measure mirror for the center piece, I also changed the handles that I bought from ikea! The whole thing including buying the cabinet has cost me £55. Winner, I’m very pleased with the final result. I’m amazed at how it’s age has dissappeared and it now sits well in 2017! Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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