“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

I am a Die hard fan of Christmas! I have always loved the magic of christmas, the smell, the sound and the glitter! I look forward to it from the day its over! Over the years I have collected baubles for my tree from travels and personal events, I love getting them out every year and remembering each place or person that they are related too! Some have even come from my Grandmothers tree.

I have spent many Christmases in Florida (my sister lived there) and I  dreamt of having that perfect Disney style tree all my life, infact I would say it had been a life goal! 😂 When John and I first moved in together, we rented an amazing dream home on the Golfe de Saint Tropez, it was simply huge, the ceilings were a comfy 5m high! That first Christmas John bought me my dream artificial 3m tree. It took 3 different ladders, a good 12 hours and 2500 lights to decorate it! In my opinion it was picture perfect.

When we moved to the UK this year I knew we would never find a house with a ceiling clearance for my beautiful tree, however, a friend of mine (editor for a house magazine) posted her dining room tree one year and on the top she had a Peacock, this vision had been stamped on my mind ever since and here in The Muddy Manor, our Peacock themed lounge could finally forfill my Desires!  I couldn’t part with my 3m tree, so that has been put in storage, but we went out and bought a beautiful very real looking smaller tree. I found a Peacock and by chance, stunning peacock ribbon and baubles too! I followed the theme through the room and the table, new baubles etc. I have blogged the table decor, as I did make all the settings for the day! I even went all out and made fake snow for the Entrance, it’s great stuff, it swells and swells, and its very cheap! It also after 24 hours, starts to reduce again and eventually dissappears. It gave that true Christmas look for the day! I’d highly recommend it!



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