Halloween Muddy Style

When we moved country my Husband complained about the amount of Christmas decorations we had, until he saw the collection of boxes marked “Halloween” 😂😨. It has to be said, I love to decorate the entire house for all the big holidays, Christmas, Easter and Halloween! Living in France, my children could only really enjoy this  scary festival if I hosted it, as France don’t really know how to celebrate this properly. This has been one huge bonus moving back to the UK, the choice of Scare events are endless!

As my kids have grown, we have appropriately stepped up the level of fear in our decor and games. Being big fans of hosting parties, we have always made this party just as much about the parents as it is about the Kids! Everyone must be in fancy dress and we even give out prizes for the best dressed Couple!

We have a photo booth, tha5 proves very popular, and now a days we build a super treasure hunt, divided into teams as follows: Girls, Boys and finally “The over 18s and under 25s” this leaves us free to entertain our guests as the treasure hunt takes at least 1 hr! 😨 The hunt involves leaving our property and roaming in the dark,  hence now doing it in TEAMS!




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