The Muddy Manor

As a child I spent many of my “Mum and Daughter” days in Charity shops and Bric a brac” place’s. At weekends, Family days out were often spent in National Trust Properties. As a result, by the time I left home, I was a firm nest builder, I have lived in many different homes, of style, age and Size! ┬áBut one thing these spaces have all had in common, has been the make over I have given them, often on a shoe string, as I’ve decorated my space since the first room I had in a shared accomodation at a Stables I worked at at weekends! I don’t think I’m talented, but I do love to change the look of my surroundings and often I don’t do it to “my” style, I tend to follow what I feel the property or the people in it will suit!

Although this has been a life times passion, the life of social media and the world wide Web, ┬ámeans I can share my love of creation with those who know me, don’t know me, or just looking for inspiration! I love reading and researching online, so I thought “why not share my own ideas and tips?”

So welcome to my blog! My name is Hayley Muddiman and this is where we call “home”!


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